Campsites on the West Coast

Here you’ll find great campsites with different accommodation options, activities, attractions, destinations and holiday experiences. We hope to inspire you and simplify your choice of establishment when you next need accommodation during a visit to the West Coast.




Sea, rocks, sandy beaches and forest

A coast with many variations. Miles of sandy beaches or swim from sun-warmed cliffs among islets and islets. The West Coast has both. Here you will find campsites with accommodation near the sea, lake and forest.
What would you like to fill your holiday in Bohuslän, Gothenburg or Halland with?

Do you prefer hotels, rooms or hostels?

No problem. The accommodation options at the West Coast Campsites are many, as are the number of destinations they are located in. Here you can find which campsites offer more accommodation choices than the usual campsite.

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Enjoy the Bohuslän coast on foot

Along the coast of Bohuskusten there are longer connected stages and separate circular routes that together form the Coastal Path. The Coastal Path is divided into 3 sub-trails with a total of 39 stages for hiking by the sea, cliffs and forest.


Which campsites are open all year round?

Long walks in winter landscapes, standing on the rocks watching the autumn colours reflected in the sea and soaking up the tranquillity that comes to the facilities in spring, autumn and winter. Several of the facilities in Camping Västkust are open all year round with various accommodation options.


Unique lodging on the West Coast

Spending the night and staying the night do not necessarily mean the same thing. In unique accommodation, the overnight stay itself becomes the central element, an experience to carry with you for a long time to come. Here we are talking about some accommodation options that stand out a bit and can be described as unique, quirky and a bit extraordinary.

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Seasonal camping on the West Coast

Along the west coast, a pearl of fine campsites winds its way and the coast has endless possibilities for different types of excursions. Perhaps you’ve felt that you haven’t had time to experience what you wanted before it’s time to go home? If you have a seasonal site, you don’t have to rush home and can enjoy the good stuff all season long.

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Bohusleden for those who love nature

The Bohusleden trail includes 27 stages from Lindome in the south to Strömstad in the north with a total length of 340 km. The hiking trail takes you through scenic and varied terrain in Gothenburg and Bohuslän’s beautiful countryside.

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Camping with a sandy beach on the West Coast

Sun, swimming and warm sand between your toes. Maybe it equals summer for you? Several campsites on the west coast have sandy beaches where you can combine salty swimming with accommodation and activities.


Cycling and living along the coast of Halland

From Gothenburg in the north to Helsingborg in the south, all the way through Halland, stretches the Kattegattleden, a unique location near the sea. The 390 km cycling route is divided into 8 sections with plenty of places of interest and sights worth a stop along the way.

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Fishing trip with accommodation on the West Coast

Maximize your fishing experience by combining it with accommodation and memorable evenings and mornings with your travel companions. Check out our selected lodging facilities offering fishing packages and special arrangements for fishermen

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Camping with pool area

Pools and sea baths are for many a real watershed. Choosing a campsite with both options can therefore be a good choice if opinions differ within the family when looking for a child-friendly campsite on the West Coast.

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West Coast vacation rentals / cottages

Along the west coast winds a string of beautiful campsites with cottages for rent next to both sea and lakes. There are plenty of excursions and attractions around the campsites, and on site you can fill your days with swimming and other activities to make your visit to the West Coast even more enjoyable.

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Holiday with children

Perhaps you visited campsites with your family as a child? If so, perhaps you remember the activities, the fellowship created with other children and the time spent together as a family?

Here we have listed the facilities that have a clear child focus.

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A camping experience with extra luxury - try Glamping

Spending the night in a glamping tent is a combination of camping and staying in a cabin. Of the campsites in Camping Västkust, three offer glamping tents when you visit the West Coast.



On the West Coast, there are several accommodation options that welcome the whole family, both two-legged and four-legged. In beautiful locations next to the sea or lake, you can stay comfortably on a camping site, in a cabin, a camping cottage, a hostel or a hotel.


Motorhome on the West Coast

Motorhome travelers have unique needs, from campsite substrate to limited service facilities. At Camping Västkust, several campsites offer customized adaptations that can enhance your comfort in many ways.

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Hallandsleden - The beautiful inland of Halland on foot

With Bohusleden in the north and Skåneleden in the south, there is Hallandsleden with its 26 stages for hiking in Halland’s beautiful inland. The total length of Hallandsleden is 453 km and you will hike through varied nature and a rich cultural offer.

Find your campsite on the map

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Mountain biking on the West Coast

For those who love an active holiday where you can be out in nature, perhaps an accommodation where you can rent a mountain bike or where you are close to trails to ride your own bike would be great? Here are the campsites with their own mountain bike trails or located near mountain bike trails.

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campsites on the west coast

Camping Västkust is an association of 45 campsites that work together along the entire west coast of Sweden from Strömstad in the north to Laholm in the south. Here you can stay at campsites in caravans, mobile homes or tents, hotels, hostels, apartments, rooms or rent a cottage.


In Bohuslän, the charming fishing communities are close together. If you want to feast on seafood and enjoy swimming from both beaches and cliffs, this is the place to come. There is a string of popular resorts such as Smögen, Kungshamn, Strömstad, Hamburgsund, Lysekil, Uddevalla, Fjällbacka and Grebbestad.

Gothenburg Paddan


Explore the Gothenburg archipelago, feel the wind in your hair at Liseberg or experience both the rainforest and space in one day at Universum. Gothenburg is one of Europe’s top food cities, so the flavour experiences here are plentiful, with a large number of award-winning restaurants and restaurateurs.


There is a wide range of both long sandy beaches and activities such as windsurfing, hiking in beautiful beech forests, lovely bike trails and proximity to shopping in Ullared. In Halland there are many nice summer towns to choose from, such as Varberg, Halmstad, Falkenberg and Båstad.


Find your campsite on the map

Search for the nearest campsite while you’re on the road or planning your trip. Enter your location and a specific search area to see the facilities offering accommodation in the area. The name of the facility is linked to the campsite website.