Camping on the west coast children on a sandy beach

Fishing trip with accommodation on the West Coast

How crazy about fishing are you? No matter where you are on the scale, there are fishing experiences on the West Coast that you are sure to enjoy. From crabbing with the kids to sea trout fishing in Bohuslän – in one of the world’s best fishing waters. Or in the lakes, seas and streams of Halland.

Make the most of the experience with fishing rod in hand, combining fishing with accommodation and opportunities for memorable evenings and mornings with your travel companions. Below we have listed the accommodation facilities in Camping West Coast that have fishing packages or other adaptations for you as a fisherman.

Trout fishing in Bohuslän

Fishing for sea trout is permitted from 1 April to 30 September. The minimum size is 45 cm for salmon and sea trout. If the fish is smaller than this, it must be released.

Fishing in rivers, lakes and seas in Halland

Halland is a county that offers beautiful and varied nature. Fishing experiences can also be varied here. Choose between archipelago fishing, fishing in the famous rivers Viskan, Ätran, Nissan and Lagan. In Lagan you will find one of the best salmon and sea trout fishing and in the river Ätran has the classic salmon water. The different fishing areas in Halland County can be found here.

Fishing rules for Västra Götaland and Halland counties

As a fisherman, you are responsible for complying with your obligations when you go fishing in the various fishing areas. Below are two links to information about what applies in Västra Götaland County and Halland County.

Link to “Fishing rules in the sea in Västra Götaland County”.
Link to information about fishing in Halland County.

Accommodation with fishing experiences

At many of the West Coast campsites, you can combine your fishing trip with comfortable accommodation in a cabin, caravan, motorhome or tent on a campsite, in a hotel or in a hostel. Some of the accommodation facilities are open all year round. Below you will find the accommodation establishments that have a fishing package or other orientation towards you as a fisherman.

Campings in Halland,
Gothenburg and Bohuslän with fishing experiences


Daftö Resort

Accommodation: camping, cottages, hotel and marina.


Läjet Camping & Resort

Type of accommodation: camping and cottages

Fishing trips with the Flatboats.


First Camp Edsvik

Type of accommodation: camping and cottages.


Bullarebygdens FamilyCamping

Type of accommodation: camping and cottages.

Fishing licence: A fishing permit is required for Bullaresjön. You can buy this at the reception or if you order a digital one. Read more on the website.


Jälluntofta campsite

Type of accommodation: camping and cottages.

Fishing licence: In the The 870-hectare lake Jällunden requires a fishing licence, which can be purchased at the reception. Read more on the website.


Bofors Camping

Accommodation: camping, cottages and hostels.


Ramsvik Stugby & Camping

Type of accommodation: camping and cottages.

Boat rental: Here you can rent a boat.


Vindöns Camping & Marina

Accommodation: camping, cottages and marina.

Boat rental: Here you can rent a boat, kayak and pedal boat for fishing at sea.


Haverdals Camping

Type of accommodation: camping and cottages.


Anfasteröd Gårdsvik

Accommodation: camping, glamping and cabins.


Lagunen Camping & Cottages

Accommodation: camping, cabins, glamping and hostels.


Hav & Logi Skärhamn

Accommodation: camping, cottages and hostels.