MTB on the West Coast

Several campsites along the west coast offer the possibility to rent a regular or electric bike. Perfect for a pleasant outing for all seasons.

Whether it’s over rocks and roots, up hills or hurtling downhill, mountain biking can be a great activity and experience. For those who love an active holiday where you can be out in nature, accommodation where you can rent a mountain bike or where you are close to trails to ride your own bike might be the best choice.

Are you looking for a great cycling holiday on the west coast? Here you will find the campsites in Bohuslän, Gothenburg and Halland that have their own cycle paths or are close to cycle paths. Welcome to experience these in combination with the beautiful views and landscapes of the west coast.

Several of the campsites also offer the possibility to rent MTB bikes on site.

An activity for the whole family whatever the season

Whether you prefer cycling tracks, over rocks or in the woods, you can cycle MTB all year round. Find out which campsites are open all year round.

Kattegattleden – a cycle route for those who prefer road to path

Kattegattleden is one of Sweden’s first national cycle routes with excursion destinations along the way. The route is 390 kilometres long and stretches along the coast from Helsingborg in Skåne, through Halland and to Gothenburg. Read more about the Kattegat Trail here.

Campsites on the West Coast close to trails
and mountain bike trails


Båstad Camping

Bicycle rental is available for both major and minor excursions. Take a trip along the Kattegat Trail that connects here or experience the exciting excursions of the Bjäre Peninsula.


Bofors Camping

Explore the islands, the reception will be happy to help you with tips on nice bike tours and excursions. Bicycles can be booked and collected at reception.


First Camp Björkäng-Varberg

Around the campsite there are several nice excursions and gems that are best found by bike. Bicycle rental is available at the campsite.


Destination Apelviken

A short distance from Destination Apelviken you will find Brearedskogen with really good mtb trails. The forest offers everything from easy challenges to very difficult ones. In addition, the Kattegat Trail runs through Apelviken!


Daftö Resort

Around Strömstad there are fantastic opportunities for MTB cycling. The resort also offers flow paths and red and blue level cycling trails. A short distance from the Daftö Resort is the Lagunen Bikepark. MTB bikes are available for hire at the resort.

Mellbystrands Camping

Mellbystrands Camping

At Mellbystrand campsite you can choose between loops in the forest or the more challenging Buktenbanan. The Kattegat Trail also connects here. Bring your own bike.


First Camp Edsvik-Grebbestad

Discover Grebbestad and the beautiful surroundings of the campsite by bike. Hire bikes and take the opportunity to find your favourites in the area.



Discover the fantastic surroundings of GrebbstadFjordden by bike. Bicycles without gears are available for hire at the campsite.


Haverdals Camping

Just on the border of Haverdals camping, the Kattegat trail passes, making the campsite perfect as a starting point or as a stop along the cycling holiday. There are also great places to discover in and around Halmstad. Bicycles can be rented and picked up at reception.



Lagunen Camping & Cottages

The lagoon offers both bike-park and cliff bike tours on four different islands where the mix of forest, sea and rocks is optimal. Connections between the islands are via high bridges or viaducts.


Läjet Camping & Resort

Discover the area around Läjet Camping & Resort and Varberg’s beautiful surroundings. Bring a bike basket and visit the many farm shops around, offering local and pleasant products to take home.



Discover Strömstad’s beautiful surroundings by bike or why not take your bike into the city centre and avoid looking for free parking? Bicycles can be rented at the reception.


Stocken Camping

Borrow a bicycle map at the reception and take the family on adventures around Orust’s beautiful views. At the golf kiosk you can rent bikes with baskets and helmets. There are also child seats for the very youngest.


Åsa Camping & Seaside Resort

Åsa offers nice bike rides around the area with beautiful scenery, along the coast and a fantastic inland landscape.