glamping on the West Coast


Glamping is a more luxurious version of camping, staying in a fancy tent or simple cabin. Stay simple yet glamorous. In Europe, the glamping phenomenon is huge and more and more Swedish campsites are adding glamping experiences to their accommodation options. Below you can see the campsites in Camping Västkust that offer different types of glamping.

Other types of luxury and comfortable accommodation in Bohuslän, Gothenburg
and Halland

If you are looking for a more comfortable and luxurious accommodation, without necessarily being a glamping tent, there are several options. The vast majority of campsites in Camping West Coast have cottages for rent and some also have hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms.

Glamping campsites on the West Coast


Hafsten Resort

At Hafsten Resort there are two natural and luxurious Glamping tents by the sea. The tents are suitable for a whole family and have two bedrooms and a cosy loft. The whole tent is about 30 sqm. For those who love the closeness to nature with in a comfortable and convenient form, this is something for you.


Seläter Camping

The tent is located in an area with sun most of the day and contains, in addition to beds, a small chest of drawers, a mini-fridge, plates, glasses and cutlery for 4 people. A sink, clothes rack and small storage. Outside the tent there is a small patio with outdoor furniture. In the adjacent service building you will find a shower and toilet as well as a kitchen.


Båstad Camping

In the quietest area of the campsite, there are glamping tents decorated with different themes. Bali (2 pers) for those who want to stay romantic and Asian-inspired and Safari (4 pers) with a savannah feel. All tents include beds, minibars, dressing gowns and outside there is a terrace with lounge furniture.


Anfasteröd Gårdsvik

On a cliff with stunning sea views, or under the lush foliage of the beech forest, you become one with nature in comfortable safari tents. They have a bathroom with shower/wc, kitchen, heating, comfortable beds and even a sleeping loft. From here you can hear the wind rustling in the trees and the birds chirping through the canvas.


Lagunen Camping & Cottages

A unique opportunity to experience Bohuslän and the west coast archipelago! Lagunen offers glamping at its best – camping close to nature but with extra comfort and a lovely touch of glamour. Sleep soundly in a cosy cabin at Wooden Camp or in a luxury glamping tent at Canvas Camp.


Surfviken Camping

Wake up, open the tent, have a cup of coffee and crawl back into bed while looking out over the sea. Continue enjoying the day by relaxing in the hammock or in one of the armchairs on the wooden deck.



Daftö Resort

Glamping in a pirate’s way can be experienced in Döskallebyn and Vrakbyn at Daftö Resort. In Döskallebyn you can stay in wooden huts above ground and look out over the Daftöland amusement park. Luxuriously, breakfast is included in the price and there is a service building with toilets a stone’s throw away. 2 or 4 bed cabins.



All tents have a terrace with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace facing the sea. Here, you can brew your first cup of coffee of the day over an open fire and then sit down to enjoy it while watching the fishing boats chug into the harbor.


Johannesvik Camping & Cottages

Here, you’ll stay comfortably in the 24-square-meter tents with cozy beds and nature as your neighbor. On the outside, there’s a lovely patio with evening sun, outdoor kitchen, and cozy lighting. Parking and service facilities with showers and toilets are available nearby.


Unda Camping & Resort

Our glamping tents offer comfort that invites nature in a pleasant way. A Queen size bed and a sofa bed large enough for two provide space for up to four people. Outside the tent, you’ll find a terrace with sea or nature views, in a sheltered spot where you can enjoy your meals.