Hike along the West Coast and stay along the hiking trails

Sweden’s West Coast offers exceptional beauty and diversity when it comes to nature, landscape, and culture Exploring this region on foot is a way to truly appreciate its charm and unique character. From the picturesque coastal town of Strömstad in the north to the idyllic Båstad in the south, the West Coast offers a wide range of hiking trails that take you through dramatic cliffs, lush forests, and picturesque fishing villages.

On this page, we provide tips on popular hiking trails We guide you further to more information about each trail, where you will also find which accommodation facilities within Camping Västkust could be suitable stops between the stages.

Hike along Bohusleden, Kuststigen, and Hallandsleden.

The Bohusleden trail stretches through the dramatic landscape of Bohuslän. The trail takes you through dense forests, lakes, over rocky mountains, and past picturesque coastal communities With fantastic viewpoints and its wild nature, Bohusleden is a popular choice for nature lovers and adventurers.

“Kuststigen” is a well-marked hiking trail that stretches along the Bohus Coast. The varied terrain takes you through dramatic cliffs, lush forests, and charming fishing villages. Kuststigen offers spectacular views of the sea and is perfect for both short excursions and long-distance hikes

Hallandsleden is an extensive hiking trail that takes you through the diverse landscape of Halland, from north to south A varied nature experience with forests, lakes, and open fields Hallandsleden also passes by historical sites and picturesque small towns along the way, making it an excellent choice for both nature experiences and cultural explorations

The hiking trails along the West Coast offer nearby accommodation options for those who wish to stay overnight. Whether you prefer camping with your own motorhome, caravan, or tent, renting a cottage, hostel, apartment, or staying at a hotel, there are options to suit all needs and budgets along this fantastic coastline

So pack your backpack and embark on an unforgettable adventure along Sweden’s West Coast.

Hiking trails we recommend on the West Coast


Hiking in the beautiful inland of Bohuslän

The Bohusleden trail includes 27 stages from Lindome in the south to Strömstad in the north with a total length of 340 km. The hiking trail takes you through scenic and varied terrain in Gothenburg and the wild and beautiful nature of Bohuslän.

Kuststigen in Bohuslän

Diverse trail along the Bohus Coast

Along the coast of the Bohus coast there are longer connected stages and separate circular routes that together form the Coastal Path. Kuststigen is divided into 3 sub-trails with a total of 39 stages for hiking right by the sea, cliffs, and forests.


Hike in the beautiful inland of Halland

With Bohusleden in the north and Skåneleden in the south, Hallandsleden offers its 26 stages covering 456 km. You hike through a varied and diverse terrain with pine and deciduous forests, heaths, and cultivated landscapes.

Tired of walking?

Switch up hiking with biking

Are you looking for a lovely cycling holiday on the West Coast or a more adventurous ride up and down over rocks and roots in rougher terrain? No problem. Here you’ll find the campsites in Bohuslän, Gothenburg, and Halland that have their own bike trails or are close to bike trails..


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