Vallsnäs Camping


Vallsnäs Camping is located by Lake Unnen, about 2 km from Unnaryd in eastern Halland. Here you live close to forest and water in untouched wilderness. Swim, rent a canoe, go fishing or look for berries and mushrooms. Here you can stay on a camping site or in a lakeside cabin.

Treat yourself to a swim in Unnen

Here there are good conditions for unwinding and enjoying the peace that nature gives you. Paddle out on the lake with a canoe you rented at the campsite. Let the hand hang relaxed and the fingertips break the surface of the water. Maybe you have a fishing rod with you to test your fishing luck?

At Vallsnäs Camping there is minigolf, a wood-burning sauna, a playground and swimming in Lake Unnen from both the jetty and the beach as well as Restaurant Vallsnäs. The restaurant is located right by the beach and with a fantastic view of Lake Unnen. Here you are offered an à la carte menu and pizza that can be eaten on site or taken to the accommodation.

Everything between untouched nature and genuine square market

Vallsnäs belongs to Unnaryd which is a beautifully situated village next to lake Unnen and the very old forest Ödegärdet, locally known as Bokhultet. The market tradition in the area is more than 150 years old and several market days are still organized throughout the year. If you are more interested in bunkering up for the year, you can take a trip to Gekås in Ullared. It takes about an hour to get there.

Vallsnäs Camping

314 52 Unnaryd

Phone: +46 371 602 33


Area: Östra Halland

Photo: Vallsnäs Camping