Gullbrannagården is a lovely family campsite near the sea with a child-friendly sandy beach, fresh service houses with a high standard and a solar heating system. Here you can stay on a camping site, pitch for a mobile home, in a cabin, hostel or in an apartment just south of Halmstad, all year round.

Family camping near the sea and Halmstad

A long and child-friendly sandy beach spreads out within walking distance of the campsite. Along the beach there are beautiful hiking trails and cycle paths. Not far from the farm, you can cycle on the nicely arranged The trail of Kattegatt, Kattegattleden. If you prefer to hike, the Hallandsleden trail is not far away.

Gullbrannagården offers activities for the whole family during the summer. Tip rounds, obstacle course, volleyball, sandcastle building, boat race in the stream, children’s gatherings, sports week, children’s choir days, gospel week and much more. The summer church offers devotions, services and concerts, see the entire summer program on Gullbrannagården’s website via the button below.

Excursion destination near Gullbrannagården

Take a trip to Båstad where you can visit Norrviken Gardens, a historic site featuring exhibitions, beekeeping, a chocolaterie, and astonishing peacocks. Enjoy an After Noon Tea at Café Killeröd in the same town or go to Ängelholm to visit the railway museum. Other tips we want to give you are Wapnö Gård, Gräddhyllan or a boat trip out to Halland’s Väderö.


305 96 Eldsberga

Phone: +46 35 241 21 00


Area: Halland

Photo: Gullbrannagården