Espeviks Camping


Less than an hour’s drive to Gothenburg or a half-hour drive to Gekås – about 12 km north of Varberg, you’ll find Espeviks Camping where you can enjoy the sound of the sea with a beach and bathing area within walking distance. Perfect for those who want to make the most of their vacation! Here, you can enjoy activities such as mini-golf and helicopter flights over the Årnäs Peninsula.

Fun activities for all ages

You can take lovely walks, participate in quiz walks, and the nature reserve is only 2 km from the campsite. For the active ones, there’s a volleyball court, or how about taking a round on the campsite’s 18-hole mini-golf course? Every summer, Circus Olympia comes and sets up its tent at the facility where circus performances, ice cream, and coffee are offered.

In the month of July, you can also experience helicopter flights over the Årnäs Peninsula to give you an incredibly unique experience beyond the ordinary!

For those craving shopping, Gekås is half an hour away. Or why not take a day trip to Gothenburg and swap nature for a day at Liseberg with the whole family? If you’d like to head south instead, there are incredibly beautiful beaches all the way down along Getterön to Varberg. In Varberg, you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, but for those seeking a bit more adrenaline, it’s recommended to try out Sweden’s best windsurfing right here!

Nature experience beyond the ordinary

Espeviks Camping is located on the Årnäs Peninsula, right next to a nature reserve with unique flora and fauna. Scattered across the peninsula, there are several ancient monuments. Here, there are graves in the form of stone cairns from the Bronze Age (1500 – 500 BC) and stone settings from the Iron Age (500 BC – 1050 AD). The cairns were erected in high positions in the terrain so that they would be visible from the sea, the import route for the important bronze. Cairns, along with stone settings, are the most common type of ancient monuments in the coastal areas of Halland.

Espeviks Camping

Lindåsvägen 38, 432 96 Åskloster

Telephone: +46 340 – 62 20 22


Area: Halland

Foto: Espeviks Camping