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Autumn break activities at
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Several of the accommodation facilities in Camping Västkust organise autumn holiday activities. At most places with autumn break activities, there’s a spooky touch since the autumn break coincides with Halloween.

Here we list them and the types of accommodation offered at each facility. If you click on one of them, you will be redirected to the Camping’s website for more information and booking

Check in to the accommodation that best suits your family for the autumn holidays

The accommodation options at the Camping Västkust’ Campsites are many, as are the number of destinations they are located in. From Bohuslän with Strömstad in the north through Gothenburg and down to Halland with Laholm in the south.

You can choose to stay on a campsite with your own camper van or caravan, in a cabin, hotel, hostel or in a room.

Create your own autumn holiday experience

In addition to the facilities listed below that offer autumn holiday activities, there are several facilities that are open all year round. Combine accommodation with activities at these to create your own autumn holiday experience package. You can find the ones that are open all year round here.

Autumn coziness during the Norwegian autumn holidays

Our neighbors in Norway take their autumn break a few weeks earlier than us, during weeks 40 and 41, they have their ‘høstferie’ Some of Camping Västkust’s facilities offer activities and autumn break programs during these weeks as well. Perfect for those who have a few extra days off or who want to enjoy a lovely weekend. The facilities with programs during the Norwegian holidays can be found further down on the page.

Which campsite would you like to visit during the autumn holidays?


Haverdals Camping

Enjoy the fantastic autumn near the sea in Haverdal! Of course, the autumn holidays begin with thrilling activities during Halloween while Allahelgona ends with autumn fun for young and old!

Accommodation: cottages and camping.



Halloween week with crafts, games, treasure hunts, pumpkin crafts and sausage barbecues. During All Saints’ Day on Friday and Saturday, the fires are lit from 11 am to 3 pm.

Accommodation options: cottages, hotels and camping.


Daftö Resort

During the Norwegian and Swedish autumn holidays, Spöktober takes place at Daftö Resort with the majority of activities taking place at the Daftöland amusement park. Pumpkin carving, ride in attractions, Ghost train, Ghost party with ghost buffet and show in the restaurant and much more.

Accommodation options: cottages, hotels and camping.


Liseberg Village

Book accommodation and get a discounted entrance ticket to the amusement park! Bring your family or friends to Liseberg during Halloween and combine it with comfortable accommodation at Lisebergsbyn. and stay comfortably in your own cottage, B&B, campsite or hostel.

Accommodation: cottages, B&Bs, hostels and campsites.


Skrea Camping

Visit the Halloween weekend at Skrea Camping Thursday to Sunday week 44. The kids’ club is open and offers exciting, spooky, and fun activities like a scary movie marathon, spooky crafts, ghost walks, and a Halloween disco with prizes for the best costumes.

Accommodation: cottages and camping


Destination Apelviken

Destination Apelviken invites you to a Halloweekend filled with coziness, warmth, community, and plenty of spookiness. Listen to ghost stories, join the ghost disco, go on a ghost walk, play Dark minigolf, watch Halloween and horror movies, and much more.

Accommodations: cottage, hotel, apartment and camping



At Surfiviken, there are plenty of family adventures to experience, especially during the autumn break.

Accommodation: Camping, glamping och Bed&Breakfast




Autumn breaks are a wonderful time at Lagunen, with nature adorned in beautiful autumn colors, and plenty of mushrooms and berries to be found. At Lagunen, you can experience cycling in Lagunen Bikepark, hiking in the Kosterhavets National Park, along the Coastal Path or Bohusleden, and enjoy Lagunen’s autumn break program running from week 40 to week 44.

Accommodations: Camping, glamping, hostel and cottage



Hafsten Resort

Soon the most exciting event of the year is approaching at Hafsten Resort – Halloween Camp! Just like last year, it will be filled with a variety of entertaining, scary, and exciting activities. You can look forward to everything from terrifying climbing in the high ropes course, thrilling ghost walks, creative Halloween crafts, tricky music quizzes, delicious food, and much more!

Accommodations: Camping, glamping, cottage and beach villas

Autumn break activities during
Norwegian autumn holidays

Autumn is a time of colorful leaves, cozy moments, and a well-deserved break from everyday life. Did you know that our friends in Norway have the privilege of celebrating autumn break earlier than us? Already in early October, Norwegian schoolchildren clock out for a week filled with adventure and relaxation. It might feel a bit unfair, but we believe that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the beauty and magic of autumn.

Here we list the campsites that also have activities during the Norwegian autumn holidays. If you click on one of them, you will be redirected to the Camping’s website for more information and booking



Destination Apelviken

Experience Autumn Cosiness at Destination Apelviken. Rent a bike and explore the surrounding area, play mini-golf, or relax in the jacuzzi. Enjoy a delicious taco buffet and dance at the disco for the kids. Read more about “Høstkos” on Destination Apelviken’s website.

Accommodations: Cottage, hotel, apartment & camping




Explore the beautiful autumn colors of nature and pick mushrooms or berries. Lagunen’s autumn holiday program with plenty of activities runs between week 40-44. Read more about all the activities. Experience cooking over an open fire, sauna and hot tub, adventure golf, point walk, autumn hunt for the kids, and much much more!

Accommodations: Camping, glamping, hostel and cottage



Daftö Resort

Spöktober at Daftö Resort can be experienced Wednesday-Saturday weeks 40, 41 & 44 with lots of different activities, some scarier than others. Ghost stories, thrilling rides at Daftöland amusement park, ghost train, face painting, ghost party, and much more.

Accommodations: Cottages, hotels & camping