In the beautiful seaside environment at ApelvikStrand, you live right by the beach and close to the city of Varberg with all its activities Here you can stay in beach houses or apartments about 100 meters from the shallow and child-friendly sandy beach Along Apelviken’s beach, you’ll find everything from cozy restaurants and mini-golf to the Nordic surfing paradise with Surfers surf facility

Fresh, airy, and relaxing accommodation in Varberg, just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Here, both locals from Varberg and visitors have sought for several hundred years for seaside living and relaxation. At ApelvikStrand, you can stay in well-equipped beach houses for up to 8 people (6 adults and 2 children) or in beach apartments for up to 4 people.

Regardless of which accommodation you choose, you’ll be close to the beach, the sea, and the waves. The beach with its beautiful sand dunes is a popular bathing spot on warm summer days and Sweden’s surfing paradise all year round when brisk winds blow. Along Apelviken’s beach, there are many cafes and restaurants.

Accommodation and activities at one of Europe’s best surf spots.

In the area around Apelviken, there’s plenty to do besides swimming. Apelviken is known as one of Northern Europe’s best surfing spots. At the far end of the beach lies Surfers Center, which rents out boards and organizes courses in windsurfing, wave surfing, and kite surfing.

If you prefer activities with solid ground under your feet, Solviken’s Mini Golf Course is located next door at Destination Apelviken. The course is approved for tournament play. Gillestugan’s 18-hole mini golf course and kiosk are located at the railway crossing in northern Apelviken.

Apelviken is a pleasant place, all year round. Along the sea, there’s a walking and cycling path leading into the city center. It connects to the famous Beach Promenade, which is Varberg’s main artery. If you want to hike in the inland of Halland, you can explore the Hallandsleden trail, and if you prefer cycling instead, the Kattegattleden trail is a better option for you. With proximity to the sea, nature, and the city, there’s always something to do.



Surbrunnsvägen 2-8, Apelviken
432 54 Varberg

Telephone: +46(0)340-86828

E-mail: info@apelvikstrand.se

Area: Halland

Photo: ApelvikStrand