Malö Camping

Ellös, Orust

Malö camping has a scenic location by the mythical Malö streams, in western Orust. Here you can stay on camping sites or with tents on tent sites right by the sea. For those who do not come with their own accommodation, there are cabins to rent.

Scenic camping at picturesque Malö Strömmar

Malö Camping has its own cove with a sandy bottom, as well as boat docks for swimming or fishing for crabs. On western Malö there are rocks if you’d rather bathe them, with a view of the boats passing through the currents.

Through Malö, Flatön and Ängön, the Kuststigen hiking trail runs, which initially follows the paved road over Malö, but shortly after Handelsman Flink on Flatön, it takes a different direction, into leafy areas.

If you rent a kayak at the campsite, you can choose whether you want to paddle across the open sea or inland in calmer waters. The experienced or the adventurous should head west of Malö, where southern Skaftö is followed by Islandsberg, as well as northern Härmanö. After that, Skagerrak is wide open for you. The more well-off should go north, to the scenic and calm Nordströmmarna, which empties into Koljöfjorden, via Bassholmen.

Excursion destinations around Malö

Just northwest of Ängön, at the far end of the coastal strip is Skaftölandet, also known as Viveca Lärn’s “Skaftön”. There are the three picturesque fishing communities Fiskebäckskil, Grundsund and Rågårdsvik. These are well worth a visit, partly for the wonderful view and partly for all the restaurants. e.g. Restaurant Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil has a lunch that’s something truly special.

During a rainy day or when you just want a break from the sun’s rays, there are many excursions close at hand. Gögsäter, an Ullared in miniature format, the fishing community of Mollöund, Lysekil where, among other things, Havets Hus is located and the Torp shopping center where, among other things, IKEA is located.

Malö Camping

Malön 203, 474 91 ELLÖS

Phone: +46 304 511 02


Area: Bohuslän

Photo: Malö Camping