Jälluntofta Camping


On the shore of lake Jällunden, in the borderland between Halland and Småland, you will find Jälluntofta Camping. A scenic and year-round campsite with camping plots and cabins. Here you can enjoy a boat or canoe trip on the lake or breathe the fresh country air along the Jälluntofta trail.

Nature and outdoor life at lake Jällunden

Here you will find good conditions for relaxation in a peaceful environment. Bring your family or friends to us or come by yourself and enjoy a few days of peace in your own company. If you are interested in fishing, you can catch both grayling, perch and pike out of Jällunden. There are also nice roaming areas in mixed forest with moose, deer, berries and mushrooms.

Destinations around Jälluntofta Camping

From Jälluntofta Camping it is only 40 minutes to High Chaparral where you step right into the Wild West, as it looked in 1870s America. Here there are characters, shows and experiences that make your visit exciting, educational and adventurous.

Play golf at one of the nearby golf courses such as Reftele Golf Course (approx. 20 minutes from the campsite), Ullared Flädje GK (approx. 1 hour from the campsite), Rydö GK (approx. 40 minutes from the campsite), Isaberg Golf Club (approx. 50 minutes from the campsite) or Lanna Golf Club (about 30 minutes from the campsite).

For those who want to satisfy their shopping urge, it is only 40 minutes to Gekås in Ullared, which has most everything under one roof.

Jälluntofta Camping

Jälluntofta, 314 52 Unnaryd

Phone: +46 730 46 65 78

Email: info@jalluntofta.se

Area: Halland

Photo: Jälluntofta Camping